I’m Sean McBride, a junior at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Mass. I was born in Portland, Oregon and spent most of my life growing up (from 6 months old until college) in Billings, Montana. I’m majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, but my interests aren’t just neatly contained within the boundaries of my degree.

I’m really into software and coding, especially web development, so much so that I do it for fun (gasp!) I also enjoy playing video games with friends, and I firmly believe that people should stop blaming video games for all the ills of society. I’m an amateur photographer as well. I work mostly with digital, and I sell stock photos through iStockPhoto.com. I’m also into music, both enjoying it and making it, (a quality that I inherited from my insanely musical family.) I play guitar, piano, alto sax, and I sing as well.

I maintain this site because I enjoy it and because I think any self-respecting web junkie should have some semblance of a web presence. I’ve tried to make it reflect myself, and I update it as often as possible during my hectic school experience.

I’m also a writer and fouder over at the recently-launched alwaysBETA. It’s a group blog that my friends and I started. You should check it out.

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Email: sean (dot) mcbride (at) students (dot) olin (dot) edu

Sean McBride
Engineer / Web Developer
Boston, MA - Billings, MT

"There's one in every class."

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