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Extended Tags is a very basic post tagging plugin for Wordpress. It is designed to be used alongside a fully-featured tagging system (like Ultimate Tag Warrior) to supply additional (possibly hidden) metadata for posts. This allows you to keep your basic tag taxonomy simple (web, design) and include more specific metadata (dreamweaver mx, ie margin bug) in the extended tags.

Download Current Version - v0.2

Click here to download the current version of Extended Tags.


Extended Tags has only been tested with Wordpress 2+. Versions like 1.5.X will probably work too, but there are no guarantees.

Installation Instructions

To install and use Extended Tags, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Upload the extendedtags folder to your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from your admin interface. The plugin will automatically create its own database table.
  3. Wherever you want to display your tags in your theme, just use code like this:
    <?php if (extendedTags_currentPostHasTags()) { ?>
    <p><strong>Extended Tags: <?php extendedTags_tagsForCurrentPost(); ?>
    <?php } ?>


  • v0.2 - Initial public release.


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