Latest Posts in Blog Sidebars

Mon 28 Nov 2005 8:56pm

Brian recently posted about the organization of blog sidebars and the possible effects on usability and, consequently, blog traffic. We’ve been discussing blog usability in general lately, and he mentioned something that I said in his post:
Sean thinks that the latest posts section isn’t that important and he may be right. I find it useful […]

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Paradigm Shift: Squible Wordpress Theme

Sun 27 Nov 2005 8:51pm

My friend Brian and I have been discussing blog layouts and usability lately, talking about things like essential elements, page order, etc. We’ve also been talking about non-standard ways of presenting blogs, a conversation that was spurred by the discovery of the Squible Wordpress theme. Squible deviates almost completely from your standard “chronological” blog frontpage. […]

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Back, But the End is Near

Sun 27 Nov 2005 2:27pm
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After a long delay in Minneapolis last night, I finally made it back to Boston and Olin at about 12:30am. I hate mechanical delays. This time it was because they couldn’t find a cap for some part of the plane, and the mechanics took a half hour to replace it. Oh well, I ended up […]

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Web2.0 Jump-Starter

Wed 23 Nov 2005 7:40pm

Ever wanted to start a web2.0 business but just didn’t have any good ideas? Well, now there’s a place that you can go for help. Just head over to Web Two Point Oh for your company’s name and service. It’s a beautiful thing.
I find this piece of electronic satire even more amusing because some of […]

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Riya: Alpha 2, It Works!

Wed 23 Nov 2005 3:26am

So, Alpha 2 of Riya went up yesterday, according to a post in the CEO’s blog. New features include:

Open public searching
Firefox support

Wow, let me see. Yes, that’s everything on my previous list of concerns! Now that’s what I call a fast turn-around time for development. (I’m only kidding. I’m not deluding myself into thinking that […]

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Riya: Cool but … Disappointing

Mon 21 Nov 2005 3:33am

Recently, I’ve been hearing rumblings about a Flickr-like site named Riya that is the subject of a much-rumored Google buyout. After an initial visit to the site and a glance at their “Learn More” page, they already had me interested. The service purports to allow searching for both text and faces within photographs, be […]

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