Moo.FX 1.2: New Version!

Thu 9 Feb 2006 2:02pm

For a while now, I’ve been quite partial to the super-lightweight Moo.FX Javascript effects library for all of my effects needs. For some reason, Scriptaculous has been the “JS effects standard” for a while. Personally, I don’t like Scriptaculous very much. It seems bloated and isn’t as straightforward to use as Moo.FX is. The Moo.FX […]

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Microsoft Cooperates with Mozilla and Other Oddities

Thu 15 Dec 2005 3:56am

Hey, finally I can report that Microsoft is doing one thing right for a change. Recognizing that a consistent user experience is (usually) a good user experience, the IE development team have decided to standardize and use the same icon as Firefox for RSS in the upcoming release of IE7. How cool is that? I […]

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Buzzwords or Usability?

Tue 6 Dec 2005 2:32am

I just read a totally awesome post by Kathy Sierra that I found via Brian’s Delicious. Basically, Kathy asserts that all the (sometimes poorly defined) web2.0 buzzwords that are floating around don’t mean jack if you aren’t using them to create a more kick-ass experience for users. I couldn’t agree more. Web developers have to […]

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Latest Posts in Blog Sidebars

Mon 28 Nov 2005 8:56pm

Brian recently posted about the organization of blog sidebars and the possible effects on usability and, consequently, blog traffic. We’ve been discussing blog usability in general lately, and he mentioned something that I said in his post:
Sean thinks that the latest posts section isn’t that important and he may be right. I find it useful […]

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Paradigm Shift: Squible Wordpress Theme

Sun 27 Nov 2005 8:51pm

My friend Brian and I have been discussing blog layouts and usability lately, talking about things like essential elements, page order, etc. We’ve also been talking about non-standard ways of presenting blogs, a conversation that was spurred by the discovery of the Squible Wordpress theme. Squible deviates almost completely from your standard “chronological” blog frontpage. […]

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