New Version of SparkStats Wordpress Plugin Released

Wed 16 Aug 2006 8:21pm

I’ve just released a new version of my SparkStats Wordpress plugin. The new version is the result of lots of feedback from users (for which I am eternally thankful). It fixes some bugs and adds some nice new features as well. Here’s the changelog:
v0.3 - (16 Aug 2006) First major revision. Changes include:

Bars can now […]

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IE7 Beta 2 is Out!

Tue 31 Jan 2006 6:26pm

Well, I almost installed the newly released Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. Luckily, I found out just in time from the comments on a post on the IE blog that it will install over my IE6 and not uninstall. Since I need IE6 for web dev work, I can’t install it at this point, which […]

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IE7: Should I Be Afraid?

Wed 25 Jan 2006 1:24pm

An uncertain specter looms on the horizon. I don’t know whether to run towards or away from it. Yes, it’s true, after hemorrhaging browser market share to Firefox for a while, Microsoft finally decided that they should put some people back on the Internet Explorer project, even though it’s not a big money maker for […]

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Oops, My Start Menu is Showing

Wed 18 Jan 2006 3:30am

I just popped open my Start Menu today (yes, my de facto operating system is Windows, I’m sorry) and it struck me as funny. The top icons (for Internet and email programs) are fixed based on the default programs you have set for these tasks, but the rest of the menu is based on your […]

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Ruby on Rails: Why Won’t You Work?

Mon 5 Dec 2005 3:12am

I’ve been trying to get into Ruby on Rails lately. I purchased the PragProg book and read through it. After reading about it, I was really excited by the beautifully elegant system that they have set up for building webapps. Building them very quickly. I even tried a few examples and they worked like a […]

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Microsoft: Positive Signs?

Thu 1 Dec 2005 2:02am

Earlier this month, I thought that Microsoft might be starting to show an about face in their online strategy. First, great hoopla was raised in the blogosphere over the release of Simple Sharing Extensions. Frederico Oliveira over at WeBreakStuff certainly had positive things to say about it (although he also had positive things to say […]

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