Why I Can Finally Buy a Mac

Wed 11 Jan 2006 6:31pm

I’ve always like Macs. Especially the newer laptops, with their lusciously designed, ultra-thin and elegant cases. In addition, their operating system is great, with many excellent usability features and a gorgeous interface. It’s also an excellent platform for graphic and web design: things that I do a lot of. However, I’ve never felt like I […]

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Riya: Alpha 2, It Works!

Wed 23 Nov 2005 3:26am

So, Alpha 2 of Riya went up yesterday, according to a post in the CEO’s blog. New features include:

Open public searching
Firefox support

Wow, let me see. Yes, that’s everything on my previous list of concerns! Now that’s what I call a fast turn-around time for development. (I’m only kidding. I’m not deluding myself into thinking that […]

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Riya: Cool but … Disappointing

Mon 21 Nov 2005 3:33am

Recently, I’ve been hearing rumblings about a Flickr-like site named Riya that is the subject of a much-rumored Google buyout. After an initial visit to the site and a glance at their “Learn More” page, they already had me interested. The service purports to allow searching for both text and faces within photographs, be […]

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