Weekend Trip

Wed 23 Feb 2005 4:29am
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This weekend was President’s Day weekend, and we had no school on Monday (woohoo!) It also just happened to be my friend Matt’s birthday, so to celebrate, his girlfriend Lara planned a trip to a cabin in New Hampshire for he and some friends (me included.) We left on Saturday and planned to stay until […]

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Chugging Syrup

Wed 16 Feb 2005 5:38am
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So, the freshmen got bored tonight and started chugging maple syrup from the bottle. I heard chanting from the lounge below mine and walked downstairs into a room full of freshmen passing around a bottle of maple syrup. They were taking 10-15 seconds hits off of it. I don’t even want to be near this […]

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Crazy Internet

Tue 15 Feb 2005 8:30pm
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The internet is a strange place. Just have a look at this. It will either make you want to dance or never venture online again. I love it.
Numa numa yay!
In other news, we listened to Dr. Beth A. Marcus give a talk today in business. She has started over 7 businesses, about half of which […]

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Boston Trip

Sun 13 Feb 2005 4:18pm
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On Friday night, some friends and I took the T into downtown Boston. It was a ton of fun, and I’m glad that I finally made it into town again. It’s so much fun when we go, but we don’t get the chance very often.
We went to watch the movie Ong-Bak, which was really really […]

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UOCD Madness!

Thu 10 Feb 2005 2:54am
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Wow. What a fun college course! I’m in User Oriented Collaborative Design this semester. My group has chosen vending machine technicians as a user group to study and design for. We’ve just finished the first phase of inquiry and locating users to interact with, so we’ve been building deliverables for the presentations tomorrow. The great […]

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Tue 8 Feb 2005 6:49pm
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I just got my first design approved at Threadless. It’s a tshirt site where people submit designs and then everyone votes on them. The designs that are popular get made into shirts that everyone can buy. I’m totally psyched about this.
Please vote for my design! I need all the votes I can get. To vote, […]

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