alwaysBETA: Bright New Star of the Blogosphere

Mon 30 Jan 2006 12:45am


I’ve always thought it would be really fun to start a group blog. Writing by yourself is fun; blindly sending out messages into the black space of the internet and occasionally getting comments back. However, there’s just something more fun about posting and commenting back and forth in rapid succession with friends, letting ideas mix and evolve rapidly.

Towards that end, my friends and I have just launched alwaysBETA, a brave new foray into the dangerous world of reading things and writing stuff. It’s a group blog where we can be free to write about anything that interests us. Some of the other authors are pretty funny, so you know you’ll want to check it out.

We’re sure to be the next buzz worthy new blog. Or if not, at least we can go down in a blaze of standards-compliant glory. Come, consume our content, and enjoy.

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