Flagr: More Press for the “College Dropouts”

Sat 28 Jan 2006 9:01pm

So, a while back I posted about my Olin friends who are starting a web company called Flagr. Basically, their idea is to create a service that allows people to make bookmarks of locations (along with photos, info, etc.) all from their mobile phones and then share these bookmarks with others and interact with them from their phones and the web. They got funding from Y Combinator, and now some big names are starting to take notice.

First, the latest Techcrunch post from Mike Arrington about the E27 startup summit in California features a small writeup about them. It incorrectly states that they are “college dropouts”, which is funny since they’re only taking a semester off. Well, either the post is wrong or they’ve been lying to us.

Second, Scoble happened to be there when they pitched their startup to Mike, so they also got a mention in Scoble’s post about the event. Scoble even took their photo with Mike! So cool!

Way to go guys. Your hard work is paying off. I hope everyone signs up for their mailing list. They’ll be launching soon.

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