Not Pron - Coolest Web Puzzle Ever

Wed 4 Jan 2006 12:53am

I’ve just discovered what is possibly the coolest web puzzle ever. You thought that thing for the Da Vinci Code was cool? Yeah right. I’ll admit that I’m not exactly a connoisseur of web puzzles/riddles, but Not Pron has to be one of the coolest experiences that I’ve ever come across. I’m up to level 10, and I’m totally hooked. There are 138 levels in total. I guess I should prepare to sink a lot of time into this, because I am determined to finish.

Basically, Not Pron is a giant internet puzzle/riddle/scavenger hunt. Each successive page of the riddle features an image and various other clues and hints. These clues and hints may be hidden in the image, at the bottom of the page below the fold, in the source code, in external files referenced in the source code, etc. You’ll need to use Google to research many of the clues, and they get hard really quickly. But, it’s so much fun, especially if you are a bit of a webhead or computer person. I mean, I just used my Firefox Developer Toolbar to add some CSS code to a page in order to solve one of the clues. How cool is that? Many of the clues are really clever and require some serious digging to find the “answer” (which is basically the information necessary to get to the next page, although this can take different forms.) The only rule is that you can’t search for walkthroughs that just give you the answer. That’s cheating and totally lame as well. Don’t do it! It’s worth it!

I would seriously recommend that you try this game out. It’s loads of fun if you have the patience. If you are creative enough to make it past levels 2 and 3 then you are probably going to love it.

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Matt says:
Wed 4 Jan 2006 - 10:34pm

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