In London

Mon 21 Mar 2005 10:03pm
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Hey all. Just writing from my London hostel to update you on the progress of the trip. It’s been totally amazing so far. We got in on Saturday night and had an easy time getting through customs and to the tube. We took that all the way to a stop about 50 meters from our […]

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London Calling

Sat 19 Mar 2005 4:47am
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Hey all. Right now I’m sitting in a HoJo in Newark getting ready to head off to London for Spring Break! Yes. It’s gonna be really great. We’ve got 12 people from school all flying out together. Possible itenerary includes Big Ben and Stonehenge. Too cool.
I might try to make some posts with photos while […]

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More Snow

Wed 9 Mar 2005 6:23am
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Right now it’s just coming down outside. I can hear the snowplow going past every once in a while trying to keep the campus’s roads clean, at least for a little while. I’m not sure how much good it’s going to do.
Dare I say it? Dare I hope for a snow day? *knocks on wood*
If […]

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Candidate’s Weekends

Sat 5 Mar 2005 4:40am
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This weekend and last have been candidate’s weekends here at Olin. We host prospective students for a couple of days and they get to see what it’s like here. Then the school makes admission decisions. It’s a fun time for students too, because we get to show them all the crazy stuff that we do. […]

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