Scrobble Scrobble

Tue 27 Sep 2005 6:55pm
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Hooray! My Audioscrobbler is working again, which means that all the music I play is once again posted to my Last.FM. Cool cool stuff. If you haven’t tried Last.FM, then you should. It’s totally hot. It tracks your trends, helps you find new music that you might like and other people that listen to it, […]

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Design is Everywhere

Mon 19 Sep 2005 7:15pm
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Wow. Being in a design class makes you look at EVERYTHING and just analyze. Here are just a few examples of things i noticed yesterday with poor design. These are things that I normally interact with every day.

Window Blinds - Why are there 2 strings that you pull on to raise and lower the blinds? […]

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A Rainstorm Tried to Drive My Car

Fri 16 Sep 2005 2:26pm
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Well, I had a fun surprise when I went to drive to take a photo for my photography class last night. Unlock the car, sit down in the seat, pull my legs in and set my feet on the floor… *plop* *plop*
Wait a minute… that is not the right sound for feet in a car […]

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School is Always So Busy

Wed 14 Sep 2005 9:57am
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Hey all. I’m writing this from my HOTHOT new 19″ LCD monitor. Thank you Fatwallet.com for making it easy to find good deals. I can’t believe how crappy the old old CRT I was using really was. I guess you don’t really notice until you get something new. I feel like I’m too close the […]

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Lounge is Finished

Wed 7 Sep 2005 1:14pm
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Soooooooo. Our lounge room is finally finished being set up and most things are out of the way (except for a few things that still need to be taken to storage.) It’s pretty sweet in fact. Let’s take a look at the common marks of a successful college guy environment:

Lots of junk food? Check.
3 TVs […]

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