Vacation, History, and Comment Spam

Fri 18 Nov 2005 8:47pm

This afternoon I hit the upload button on my Human-Factors Interface Design class’s latest phase report and breathed a sigh of relief. I officially have no more work to do. I leave for home in 2 days to relax and celebrate Thanksgiving with my extended family. In the meantime, I just get to wrap up loose ends here at school and take it easy for a few days. Oh yeah, and I’ll be driving everyone and their dog to the airport tomorrow. (Just kidding guys.) I really don’t mind, but it’s a funny side effect of leaving later for break that everyone else asks you for rides. I suppose now that I have a car, it’s only fair that I pay the ride-giving generosity forward to those who still don’t have cars. Let the chain of carpooling remain unbroken, or something to that effect.

I’ve also (after suggestions from Luis and others a few posts ago) put up a complete history of my personal website, along with screenshots of every iteration that I still have access to. Thanks to my trusty backup drive, this means that you get to laugh at my designs all the way back to July 2002. It’s sad, but I don’t have my webpages from 6th grade or junior high anymore. I do remember that I actually used the blink tag though. So, have fun reading that! I also have some great Flash intros to my old sites (4 versions!) if anyone is interested. Those are a good laugh too. There’s really something to be said for keeping backups of everything you ever do. It’s very entertaining to go back and look through everything later. I had a good time earlier today laughing at myself.

Finally, I just received my first piece of comment spam today! Some random Hungarian P4|2M4CY scam site. I require approval for all first-time commenters, so I just clicked the “deny” button and that was the end of it. It really made me think though: who the heck spends money based on this kind of garbage marketing? It’s so obvious it’s a scam that even an illiterate person could probably figure it out. It makes me very sad that these people are still in business, because it means that there are people in the world stupid enough to fall for it.

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